bf27e2d566b0 — 6 years ago
Fix refrences to cl functions

This prevents errors when compiling without cl
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M zpresent.el
M zpresent.el +4 -4
@@ 190,7 190,7 @@ STRUCTURE is at indentation level LEVEL.
           (setq this-slide child-last-slide)))
       (cl-incf prior-siblings))
-    (values slides-list this-slide)))
+    (list slides-list this-slide)))
 (defun zpresent--get-last-descendant (structure)
   "Get the last descendant of STRUCTURE.

@@ 280,7 280,7 @@ same parent.  This is used for ordered l
 PARENT-STRUCTURE is the parent structure of STRUCTURE.  It's used to
 inherit properties."
-  (case (zpresent--get-bullet-type structure parent-structure)
+  (cl-case (zpresent--get-bullet-type structure parent-structure)
     (?* zpresent-bullet)
     (?\) (format "%d)" (1+ prior-siblings)))
     (?. (format "%d." (1+ prior-siblings)))

@@ 748,7 748,7 @@ each line, with the same face."
         ((zpresent--item-is-image item)
          (zpresent--insert-image (gethash :target item) t))
         ((hash-table-p item)
-         (case (gethash :type item)
+         (cl-case (gethash :type item)
            (:link (zpresent--insert-link item face))
            (:block (dolist (line (split-string (gethash :body item) "\n"))
                      (when precalculated-whitespace

@@ 807,7 807,7 @@ in.  This is intended for use when a dow
       (request location
                :parser #'buffer-string
-               :success (function* (lambda (&key data &allow-other-keys)
+               :success (cl-function (lambda (&key data &allow-other-keys)
                                      (zpresent--cache-image (create-image (encode-coding-string data 'utf-8) nil t) location)))))))
 (defun zpresent--cache-image (image source-location)