make clearer the goals of this package.
imagemagick is no longer needed?
add title slide description
update .el file to reference
migrate to
Name the presentation buffer "zpresent: $SOURCE_FILE".
replace #'alist-get with #'assoc-default
use when-let in preference to when-let* so zpresent works on Emacs 25.
vim-style keybindings: bind h, k to prev slide, j, l to next slide.
make a way to not hav a bullet.
SPC goes forward a slide, S-SPC goes back.
make links clickable with the mouse.
add new required slide key, as :properties
allow the user to specify a background color for a slide.
remove extra #'message call.
explain in README how to use full-screen images.
add the ability to present an image fullscreen.
fix a bunch of tests that apparently I forgot to fix upon updating org-parser
add function to make a keyword.
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