Make music in Emacs!
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Write music inside Emacs! This currently has been tested on Linux only, and there it requires aplay. There is untested support for MacOS.


Begin with M-x zmusic. This shows a series of lines. Each line of text represents a musical beat. The first beat should be highlighted in blue. Each dash in that line represents a potential note in that beat.

Move around with p/n/b/f.

#Music creation

Toggle the note at point with space, or left-click to toggle.

Kill the current beat with k, and yank it with y.

#Playing music

Play music, or pause the music, with P.

Set the next note to the one at point with s.

If the music is paused, replay the currently-highlighted beat with r.

Count the highlighted beat, playing it and steping forwards, with c.

#Reporting bugs

Please file bugs at our bug tracker.