Make music in Emacs!
start beginning-of-music-point at 1, because that's the lowest point in a buffer
add more options to make-note, make-tone.


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Write music inside Emacs! This currently has been tested on Linux only, and there it requires aplay. There is untested support for MacOS.

This would make music, if you were running it locally.


Begin with M-x zmusic. This shows a series of lines. Each line of text represents a musical beat. The first beat should be highlighted in blue. Each dash in that line represents a potential note in that beat.

Move around with p/n/b/f.

#Music creation

Toggle the note at point with space, or left-click to toggle.

Kill the current beat with k, and yank it with y.

#Playing music

Play music, or pause the music, with P.

Set the next note to the one at point with s.

If the music is paused, replay the currently-highlighted beat with r.

Count the highlighted beat, playing it and steping forwards, with c.

#Reporting bugs

Please file bugs at our bug tracker.