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#Zarduino.el -- easily upload ode to an Arduino board.


  1. Install this package. Until it is on a package repository, you can download it, and then install it with this code in your init file.

     (package-install-file "/path/to/zarduino.el")
  2. Install the Arduino IDE. This is used to do the uploading.

  3. If the arduino executable is not on your path, customize zarduino/arduino-executable-path:

     (setq zarduino/arduino-executable-path "/path/to/arduino-1.6.10/arduino")
  4. Open a .ino file. If you're making a new project, note that the file ("sketch" in Arduino terms) must be in a folder with the same name. So ~/blink/blink.ino will work; ~/code/arduino/blink.ino will not upload.

  5. Verify your code with C-c C-v. You should see a compilation window open up and display output.

    • If you see this output, you're successful:

        Compilation finished at Wed Aug  3 00:34:09
    • On the other hand, this is failure output:

        Compilation exited abnormally with code 1 at Wed Aug  3 00:34:24
  6. Upload your code with C-c C-c. This will open a compilation window the same as verifying does. You don't need to verify before uploading.