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+# minesweeper.el #
+This is an implementation of Minesweeper in Emacs.
+### Installing minesweeper.el ###
+There are two ways to install minesweeper.el:
+1. **[MELPA](http://melpa.milkbox.net/)** -- a package manager for emacs. This is the recommended way to install minesweeper.el
+    1. Follow the instructions under "installing" on MELPA's [getting started](http://melpa.milkbox.net/#/getting-started) page.
+    2. Restart Emacs, to make it reload your init file.
+    3. Run `M-x package-list-packages`.
+    4. Find this package in the package list, and move point (the cursor) there.
+    5. Press `i` to mark the package for installation.
+    6. Press `x` to execute the commands and install the marked package.
+2. You can install the game from source. This is not recommended unless you're changing the code.
+    1. Clone this repository.
+    2. Run `M-x load-file`, then navigate to the repository, and load `minesweeper.el`
+### Playing ###
+* The goal is to reveal all squares that do not have a mine. If you reveal a mine, the game is over. Play carefully!
+* Point can be moved with the arrow keys, p/n/b/f, or C-p/C-n/C-b/C-f.
+* To reveal squares, either left-click on them, or move point and press space, enter, or `x`.
+* When a square is revealed, if it is not a mine, there will be a number indicating the count of mines in the neighboring eight squares.
+* If a zero mine is revealed, all its neighbors will also be revealed.
+* Squares can be marked as having a mine in them. To do this, right-click on the square, or move point to it and press `m`. Marked squares are protected from being revealed by any means.
+* You can choose to reveal all the neighbors of a square by middle-clicking on a square, or moving point there and pressing `c`.
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