update repo link in the .el file
update to hg.sr.ht
don't set up show-neighbors until after the game is started.
don't let moving forward or backward exit the minefield, or wrap around.
use cl-multiple-value-bind, not multiple-value-bind. This possibly fixes a bug? I'm having trouble reproducing.
Add a function to move down lines until we hit the end of the minefield.
Make (kbd "C-e") also call minesweeper-move-end-of-field.
better docstring for minesweeper-end-game.
reorder the arguments of minesweeper-insert-mines so that we always refer to the row before the col.
Make a bunch of documentation improvements to satisfy flycheck.
We can require cl-lib, and then use cl-sort.
Documentation updates to shut up flycheck -- two spaces after periods.
in minesweeper-neighbors, we can use in-bounds; we don't have to reproduce the logic.
remove the last instances of minesweeper-for.
replace a bunch of minesweeper-for with dotimes.
unify the commentary section and README.md.
add commentary section, with play instructions.
README.md edited online with Bitbucket