update to fix a bunch of flycheck errors
Update .el file to reference hg.sr.ht
migrate to hg.sr.ht
don't keep undo information for the 2048 buffer.
Use imperative, as flycheck suggests.
use log with the BASE argument, not log10.
track game duration.
when we print the board, put point at the beginning of the buffer.
Let the player move randomly by pressing r.
Limit the number of items in history to ten.
Print out "Score: xxx", not "Score: | xxx".
Add a header around the score, move the high scores header around a little bit.
Add a table header before the high scores table.
Oops, fix 2048-down. We need to actually call number-sequence.
fix up 2048-print-help docstring.
Add some basic help text.
replace the final instances of 2048-for, 2048-for-down with dolist and number-sequence.
Ah, we can require cl-lib, and flycheck is ok with that.