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 1. `*-dwim` functions are the most user-friendly. If the region is active, they act on the region. If given a prefix argument, they act on that many words forward (or, if negative, backward). Otherwise, they change the case of the single next word. These functions are `camelcase-dwim`, `dashcase-dwim`, and `snakecase-dwim`.
 2. `*-word` functions don't act on the region. They take an optional prefix argument, and act on that many words. These functions are `camelcase-word`, `dashcase-word`, and `snakecase-word`.
+## Alternatives ##
+* **[string-inflection.el](** -- this package focuses on cycling through different cases of text. Caser has a separate command for each desired case, so no cycling is necessary.
+* **[electric-case.el](** -- this package converts what is typed in =dash-case= to =camelCase= or =snake_case=. It dosen't permit ad-hoc case changes.