Change the casing of text in Emacs, from camelCase to dash-case to snake_case.
make the dwim functions autoloaded
caser--forward-word shouldn't be interactive
update description of string-inflection


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This package provides functions which change the case of text -- from camelCase to dash-case to snake_case and back. status


We recommend binding these functions to relevant keys:

(bind-key "M-C" #'caser-camelcase-dwim)
(bind-key "M-S" #'caser-snakecase-dwim)
(bind-key "M-D" #'caser-dashcase-dwim)

#Basic usage

Put some camelcase, snakecase, or dashcase text into a buffer. Then call one of the functions below.

  • caser-camelcase-dwim changes text to camelCase
  • caser-snakecase-dwim changes text to snake_case
  • caser-dashcase-dwim changes text to dash-case.


The functions Do What I Mean. Hopefully, that is.

  1. When some text is selected, the -dwim functions act on the region.
  2. When no text is selected, the -dwim functions act on the next word.
  3. When there's a prefix argument, the -dwim functions act on that many words forward.

#Repeat case changes

Sometimes, it's easier to call a dwim function multiple times in a row, rather than select a region first. To make this easier, this mode supports repeat-mode. Repeat-mode is a way of easily repeating related commands.

To enable it, run this line:

(repeat-mode 1)

Then, each function is able to be repeated by pressing a single letter. Once you run caser-snakecase-dwim, it can be ran gain with s. Similarly, caser-camelcase-dwim can be repeated with c; caser-dashcase-dwim can be repeated with d.

These keys can be customized; see variables caser-snakecase-repeat-map, caser-camelcase-repeat-map, and caser-dashcase-repeat-map.

#Non-ASCII Support

Because this package uses standard Emacs regexp character classes and case conversion functions, it fully supports changing the case of languages that don't use only ASCII letters. Try orð á íslensku (Icelandic), or Deutsch ist ähnlich (German).

Although languages with no capitalization can't be camelCased, they can still be changed from dash-case to snake_case: try 한국어-단어 (Korean).


This is not the first casing-related Emacs package. However, it works slightly differently than these existing packages.

  • string-inflection.el -- this package only supports ASCII characters.
  • electric-case.el -- this package converts what is typed in =dash-case= to =camelCase= or =snake_case=. It dosen't permit ad-hoc case changes.


CI is set up at Hopefully everything is passing.