.hgignore generated js files.
Instead of using eval to get things out of the Math object, we can use aset. Solution from David at Hack and Tell. Thanks!
use the css in the css folder, silly.
GPL all the things.
indent the list of user functions.
add a div for content, color the body background grey.
add a border to the stack div.
highlight the bottom two elements of the stack.
fixes to validate: input boxes don't have a separate closing tag, make the mozilla reference link bare.
add css, style the error div.
rename the button with id 'search' to 'push-button'.
when the user clicks on the error div, hide it. Also hide the div when something successful is done.
add an error message when there aren't enough elements on the stack.
whenever the user does (virtually) anything, reset focus to the data entry box.
use drop instead of multiple rest calls.
oops. We should take multiple arguments off the stack such that the older argument is the first one. So '6 3 /' is 2, not .5
in two-element-operation, take the two arguments simultaneously.
Remove extraneous log statements.
only try to eval 'Math.user_input' if math has 'user_input' as a property.
rename 'the-rest' to 'rest-of-line'.