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-A python script to control ssh access to mercurial repositories.
+A python3 script to control ssh access to mercurial repositories.
 modified from hg-ssh (http://www.selenic.com/repo/hg-stable/raw-file/tip/contrib/hg-ssh)
 and hgssh2.py (https://github.com/dengzhp/hgssh2)
-See https://bitbucket.org/painfulcranium/hgssh3 for more information.
+Ported from hgssh3.py (https://bitbucket.org/painfulcranium/hgssh3/).
+See https://hg.sr.hr/~xaltsc/hgssh4 for more information.
 How to
-copy hgssh3.py to your $PATH (e.g./usr/local/bin).
+copy hgssh4.py to your $PATH (e.g./usr/local/bin).
 (We assume your user being created is named 'hg')

@@ 26,7 28,7 @@ you want to store your repositories else
 	   if the top level was in /usr/local/repos, create a symlink in /home/hg to /usr/local/repos and update
 	   the confuguration file as necessary
-Create a config file at `/home/hg/hgssh3.conf`:
+Create a config file at `/home/hg/hgssh4.conf`:
     location = repos/reponame

@@ 41,7 43,7 @@ Add a new entry to ``/home/hg/.ssh/autho
     NOTE: USERNAME in this example would be user1 or user2
-    command="hgssh3.py USERNAME ~/hgssh3.conf",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding ssh-rsa your_ssh_rsa_public_key
+    command="hgssh4.py USERNAME ~/hgssh4.conf",no-port-forwarding,no-X11-forwarding,no-agent-forwarding ssh-rsa your_ssh_rsa_public_key
 Create the repositories:

@@ 82,3 84,4 @@ NOTES:
     to how SVN grants access controls.
+One new feature is introduced in `hgssh4`: the command `update-desc` that allows for updating remote description of repositories. To use it, issue the following command: `ssh server update-desc remote-repo description`, where `description` is the new description for the remote repository.