Add LICENSE.txt and files.
Update Janus/Ada build scripts for src directory.

As sources moved to src directory, adjust Janus/Ada
scripts for the new location. Also, simplify
the scripts a little.
Move testsql.adb to test directory.
Rename the procedure inside sqlite3_libmain.adb.
Move source files to src directory.

Also, rename libmain.adb to sqlite3_libmain.adb.
Update Janus/Ada build scripts.
Explicitly convert '99' to Long_Integer so the code builds with Janus/Ada.
Add Bind for Long_Integer and Unbounded_String.
Also add Error_Message function.
Add a simple Makefile also.
Add project file for gnat.
Move Janus/Ada build scripts into 'janusada' directory.
Add some tests using Ahven.
Add Column procedure for text data.
Add sqlite3 binaries and tweak Janus/Ada build scripts to use those binaries.
Add license headers. (ISC license)
Sqlite3 bindings for Ada.

Work with Janus/Ada and FSF GNAT.