Use 1.1 url for status update.
Another http -> https fix.
Use POST instead of GET.

Also, raise exception if getting 403 code.
Use https urls instead of plain http ones.
Remove extra Put_Line.
Start using Twitter API v1.1 urls.
Fix escaping of reserved characters.
Multiple changes in one go:
* Rename OAuth.Easy package to OAuth.Tokens.
* Parse JSON data in Twitter package.
* Add empty Follow_User procedure.
Put Create_Tweets procedure to package spec as public procedure.
Ignore twit2 executable and Janus/Ada compilation script (ctst.bat).
Remove Access_Token procedure and its HTTP dependency at the same time.

One is now expected to use As_Header procedure.
Use As_Header in Access_Token procedure.
Use separate ladybird.$microblog.* properties
for Twitter and
Add a message which tells that everything is done (for debugging purposes).
Actually mention GNAT in the instructions.
Make the project buildable with GNAT and add the building instructions.
Make Twitter/ selection a compile time option
handled via one constant variable.
Remove debug output to avoid constraint_error with Janus/Ada.
Fix compile errors and use external libraries
(hauki, jdaughter, ahven, curl) whenever possible.