Update homepage url and add links to dependencies.

Prompted by Olivier Henley.
Remove adadomain usage.
Use Elaborate_All instead of Elaborate.

Reported by Jacob Sparre Andersen.
Explain use of variable.
Fix "Invalid Members (1)" test.
Add two tests: empty object, invalid object members.

The invalid object members test fails currently.
Add some comments and whitespace.
Update copyright years in LICENSE.txt file.
Update default library paths to match my current setup.
Add initial document for JSON.Data API.
Add data tests and fix code a little
Include the project file of Hauki
Whitespace corrections.
Use adadomain extension and add beginnings of API docs.
Add the start of the documentation.
Prevent constraint_error with GNAT.
Remove debugging output and add new Open procedure which takes a String.
Use Hauki* packages from external source.