Move some strings to progmem.
Remove commented out code.
Reduce stack usage a little by using static (global) buffer.
Increase buffers a little and add better NDEF parsing.
Add initial bits of working Yubikey NEO support.
Increase wait timeout. Fixes emulation with i2c.
Merge I2C branch to default.
Ignore object dir and generated files.
Remove now useless files.
Change PN532 package to generic.

This generic works with SPI and I2C PN532 functions.

Emulation is unstable with I2C, but otherwise the functionality
should be identical on SPI and I2C versions (reading and writing
Use I2C by default.
Put SPI functions into a separate file.

Also, make the differenced between PN532 packages
as small as possible.
Move Init to up also.
Put I2C functions into a separate file.
I2C version of PN532 routines.

Work in progress.
Oops, rename NFC_Main here also.
Rename NFC_Main to NFC_Tags.
Use the new authentication procedure for Mifare tags.