Don't mention Fedora version in install instructions
Increase version to 2.9 in NEWS.txt.

While there, mention the Alire package manager configuration
files from Michael Rohan.
Increase version to 2.9 everywhere.

As done with Alire project file, increate the version to 2.9
in the documentation and Linux (Fedora) GNAT project files.
Increase Library_Version to 2.9.0 in ahven_alire.gpr.
Specify Library_Interface in ahven_alire projet file.

As we have some extra files in src directory, specify
the ones we actually use to avoid unnecessary compilations.
Eliminate parameter Severity from Report_Not_Ok function.

This allows us to get rid of one GNAT warning about
unused parameter.
f84125666a1b — Michael Rohan 3 months ago
Add Alire packaging support files

Added the top level alire.toml file to define Ahven as an Alire package
and the gnat/ahven_alire.gpr project file to build the library using the
defaults generated by Alire (style checks are disabled by default).
Improve control/tap/ a little.

Add ability to give the test runner as an argument.
Also do some sanity checks and return status based
on the test execution status.
Remove extra Test_Class_Wrapper record from Ahven.Framework.

The Test_Class_Wrapper was added as a work-around for some old
Janus/Ada bugs. The latest version of Janus/Ada no longer
needs the work-around so we can drop it.
Rename the procedure inside ahven_libmain.adb.
Rename libmain.adb to ahven_libmain.adb.

As someone might use multiple libraries, which all might have
their own libmain.adb, rename libmain.adb to ahven_libmain.adb.

This way our main file, which lists the dependencies for the library,
is more or less unique and doesn't conflict with other libmain.adb
Add SPDX license identifier to fail1.adb also.

Oops, missed one file from the first go.
Add SPDX license identifiers to source code.

To help the automatic scanners to identify the license
of the source code, add SPDX license identifiers as
specified at

In our case, the line is:

 SPDX-License-Identifier: ISC

for every file.
Fix Library_Type comparison in uses '' quotation marks to wrap the -DLibrary_Type="static"
option. This causes the Lubrary_Type symbol to have "" marks in it.
Add build status links to README.
Oops, add missing semicolon to

Attempt #2 for fix.
Fix typo in

s/#endif/#end if/. This makes the ahven.gpr installation to work.
Remove gnat_linux dynamic build from Debian setup as well.

gprbind raises assert_failure during the build, so makes no sense
to use the gnat_linux build system on Debian 10.