Software developer, mostly concentrating on Ada, OpenBSD, Linux and embedded systems.


Unit test library for Ada 95


A blog about Arduino and Ada


SQLite3 bindings for Ada.


Mercurial tab completion for Take Command (TCC)


My settings for various programs.


Rowley Crossworks package sources for Adafruit Feather M0 Basic Proto board.


Drivers for various devices (NRF24, DS3231, Neopixel LEDs).


Imported from Bitbucket


Imported from Bitbucket


Peripheral library for Atmel SAM D2x chips. Distributed under ISC license. Rowley CrossWorks for ARM required.


Peripheral library for STM32F4 microcontroller.


PN532/NFC routines using AVR-Ada.


Ada.tips blog at http://ada.tips/


Empty Ada application for embedded ARM


Build scripts for embedded arm / arm-none-eabi gnat.

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