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small changes
fixed a bug, where a loop would never end, because of the weird behaviour of uint (255+1<255)
board.Square is now uint8, same for Rank and File.
next step: make index of piece list int8; now one piece occupies 2 bytes per square instead of 4 (uint32); speed did not change
start making data structures more compact by making pieceEntry a struct and piece, piecetype, color uint8
improved uci engine
improved commands
simplified run_epd_suite; small clean up in evaluation
store entries into tt if new depth >= old depth, instead of new depth > old depth - reduces node count by 15
clear the tt table before each epd computation, we dont want to start with a tt full of crap
use range operator in loops iterating over arrays
use right int type piece set in move information
fixed a bug in eval, we can not assume that there is at least one bishop for white
added some comments for move refactoring
improved perft command
fix brackets
many small changes
refactored perft test cases to move generator test cases; perft is a last resort only, not for normal testing
move UnmakeMove to the right place