fix a off by 1 error in within?
avx: can be run without elf code now; implement vcvtsi2sd and vcvtsd2si; fix ymm@ and ymm!
system, mandelbrot-tm: add forth versions of control structures, makes writing asm code easier
swap arguments to movi, so it works like mov,
asm: forgot adding
asm: rewrite done

the code is a lot better and we have support for addresses, like [rsi].
asm: rewrite all; keep the old code still in place to merge changes incrementally
asm: swap places of src, dst: src dst op is now dst src op, this is more in line with nasm
swapwm: added code for DISPLAY, still todo. fix ralign and @1
mandelbrot: clean up comments
Makedfile: fix bootstrap2 building; refactor all: and clean: targets
Makefile: targets will now be build when source files changed
Makefile: replace buidling rules for executables with one rule using wildcards
add code that print the stack whenever a word is called
foxx: small refactorings
string len field is now 1 byte only
bootstrap.asm: simplify string macro so we can use it in create macros
bootstrap.asm: number parses negative numbers - finally!
bootstrap.asm: accept lower case number only