Sequential to indexed file converter for Stratus VOS
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consolidate_record_files - or crf for short - is a simple VOS utility that takes a pair of structured files (currently, only sequential files are supported) and generates an indexed sequential file from them, using one file as the source of keys and the other as a source of records.

No guarantees of usefulness, expressed or implied.

Released into the public domain.

Very much a work in progress. Primarily using this as a debug tool for myself.


Run Alternatively, use vcc, create_table, and make_message_file manually.


Mandatory arguments (positional):

key_input_file: Filename of file to draw keys from

record_input_file: Filename of file to draw records from

output_file: Filename to output to. Must not exist.

index_name: Name of index to create.

Optional arguments:

-pad_index: If there are fewer records in index source file than record source file, automatically generate padding keys

-pad_records: If there are fewer records in record source file than index source file, automatically generate padding records

-dae_file: Automatically create an extended sequential file with dynamic extents

-extent_size [blocks]: Define extent size manually for DAE files. Must be a power of 2. Currently untested.

-disable_duplicates: Disable duplicate keys in generated file.