A bot to play the board game Pandemic
Wire up the tests to actually use my definitions lol
Basic test harness.
Last of the basic moves! What a horrible Gamestate API lol


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A Pandemic bot.

  • I'm homebound/self-quarantine during SARS-CoV-19
  • I'm need to let off steam from my job's code
  • I'd like to do more OCaml

I wrote a Scrabble bot that taught me a lot, was super fun to write, and frankly probably got me a few jobs. I'm terrible at Pandemic and though it'd be fun to write a bot for it.

This is GOFAI: none of that newfangled Deep Learning. Or not yet. Maybe after I get it to play enough games I can use it to generate data or something.


  • Model a decent gamestate, flow, render, REPL? Very bare minimum.
  • Start filling it in with proper cards, characters, actions.

#High-level strategy

  • MAXIMIZE cure research

  • MINIMIZE outbreak potential

  • MINIMIZE outbreak damage