Added tag 0.2.6 for changeset 286b771726b0
Removed tag 0.2.6
Corrects incorrect syntax for determining if a thing is a car
Added tag 0.2.6 for changeset 70d332e5ad0d
Version 0.2.6
Removed tag 0.2.6
Added tag 0.2.6 for changeset 9cbdd622ca79
Hopefully smarter and more even overwatch position finding.

Seeks out positions that aren't visible by other pawns in the AO.
INEPT_fnc_visibilityQuality tests more points in about the same amount of time
by avoiding INEPT_fnc_rotatedVector which is slow.
Desperate attempt to improve pawn overwatch waypoint decision making.

For some reason in my test mission nobody goes to the other half of one of the
AOIs even though it seems that there is really good visibility there.
Adds inept_fnc_randomPointInCircle.

Trying to find overwatch waypoints better.
Lets not reset the last wp type when we fail to generate a waypoint...

Making an overwatch waypoint could fail pretty easily on a peninsula. We don't
want pawns to be able to garrison again in that case.
Reworked garrisoning so that we only try to garrison nearby buildings.

This should prevent the thing where group leaders way in-front of their group.
Including changes from Cyclone.Altis project
Adds contact reveal sharing thing
copying over porting over changes from cyclone.altis
Added tag 0.2.5 for changeset 0423d036487a
Incrementing version to 0.2.5
Fixing an issue causing correlation to massively go wrong when cargo is involved

DAE le epic face falm xD
Adds loads of useless debugging output
Added tag 0.2.4 for changeset 345031ba0f27