Actually restoring support for windows' command prompt

Sending arguments correctly to artifex command.
Removing temporary directory in build action.
Restored support for windows' command prompt
Reworked bootstrapping. New installation method.

The bin directory under the project root should be added to the PATH
environment variable.

This adds support for mingw32 bash on windows.
better building
Adds autoconf extension

Note to self - there is a bug where extension loggers do not parent from
artifex loggers
updated readme and sample config to reflect changes to project name stuff
Generating pbo file names differently
corrects section name created by autodep
Adds a really ugly autodep extension
Corrects jot finding any deps or something
Corrects not passing build parser namespace to build action when no action is provided as a command argument thingy
Slightly better support for building different sorts of things ...

Allows specifying a prefix?
beget.wait fails returns True iff process exits with success code
makepbo emitter fails when makepbo fails
build fails when its emitter fails
Allows specifying an output pbo path thingy
basic linux support
Better exception logging and error handling.
Update for hg driver passes execution to the project driver.
Some code cleaup.
Generally less monkey business.
Working on improving exception handling and error messages.
consolidated fetch logic and (sub)project dependency logic
changed everything