I put some shit on git.sr.ht and hg.sr.ht; mostly stuff moved over from bitbucket.

My other stuff is elsewhere. I probably link to it on my website.


Program for setting window position, adding/removing window border, and setting window transparency for the Windows operating system. Moved to https://github.com/sqwishy/winrustler


Render a mandelbrot and serve it over HTTP. Archive of homework assignment for BSc.


I'm not quite sure what this is. It looks like something for serving a filesystem tree over websockets and pushing updates to websocket clients when the filesystem changes. I have no idea if it works.


CLI for SRCDS RCON protocol I wrote to learn Go


Tooling for managing & packaging Arma 3 scenarios (old/not really maintained)


Arma 3 scripts designed to serve as a high-level AI governor


Really old & trashy HTTP cache I wrote to learn node.js