Added tag 0.31.3 for changeset a1551b62065d
hgsrht: Fix repository deletion notices
Fix hg_user lookup

The config section is called, not
api: Add settings field to version
Drop source_repo_id and upstream_uri from repository

These columns are not used.
hgsrht/templates/user: Remove extraneous paragraph
Added tag 0.31.2 for changeset 23800b0da932
hgsrht/types: Fix visibility in Repository.to_dict

The is used by the legacy API, which requires the visibility to be
Added tag 0.31.1 for changeset 217e61c5026a
Fix missing jinja templates in web package
Added tag 0.31.0 for changeset 0d45889f9b73
api/server: Register @private directive
hgsrht/blueprints/api: Fix canonical_name

Fix canonical_name, which was wrongly named canonicalName, in user
resources returned by the legacy API.
Remove obsolete python repo management
hgsrht: Use GraphQL for repository CRUD operations

Use the GraphQL API for repository CRUD operations so that
GraphQL-native webhooks are delivered.
api/graph: Implement GraphQL-native user webhooks
api/webhooks: Use core-go middleware
api/graph: Rig up legacy webhooks