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hg-prompt adds an 'hg prompt' command to Mercurial for viewing repository information. It's designed to be used in a shell prompt.


hg-prompt requires Python 2.5+ and (obviously) Mercurial.


Clone the repository:

$ hg clone

Edit the [extensions] section in your ~/.hgrc file:

prompt = (path to)/hg-prompt/


Hg-prompt has a docs site. There's a Quick Start guide, Full Usage Guide, Keyword List, Sample Prompts, and a few other things there.

The documentation is stored in the docs/ directory of the repository if you prefer to read it offline.

#Questions, Comments, Suggestions

The code was kind of thrown together in a few nights after I got tired of chaining three or four hg runs together to get what I wanted. I'm sure it's not perfect, so if you've got a way to improve it please add an issue and let me know.

Patches are also welcome!