fix: Mercurial's cmdutil is moved to registrar
grsummary: handle non-hash ids when checking state

Previously, a guest's state (localmods/syncok/unsynced) was computed by
manually comparing the desired changeset id to the full hash of the checked-out
revision, the tags, the bookmarks and the branch. This failed, for example,
when the desired id was an abbreviated hash, or a tag.

The current solution treats the desired id as a revset, and compares the
returned node to the checked-out node. This is more robust: it allows the user
to specify the desired changeset in any way that Mercurial recognizes, and the
equality check no longer depends on the specification method.
Fix test-error-reporting.t
Fix test-error-reporting-legacy.t
Fix missing tags in output

The reason is a Mercurial API change:

Before, repo[None] returned the checked-out changectx.
Now repo[None] returns the workingctx (which doesn't have tags),
and repo['.'] returns the checked-out changectx.

This fixes changes guestctx to repo['.']. Where the working directory
parents are needed, a separate repo[None] lookup is made.
Fix bookmarks.readcurrent / ._readactive in grconfig
Work around the bookmark changes
merging hedz
merged branches
fixed readme
359310219944 — Paul Nathan 7 years ago
Merged in matclab/guestrepo-pnathan-pr/hg-1.8-cmd-registration (pull request #5)

Use new command decorator for command registration
2de97c41dd44 — Mathieu Clabaut 8 years ago
Use new command decorator for commandregistration
Added tag v1.14-rc for changeset b3dbd4a64e91
Merge. Tested to run on 2.9 (no errors) and 3.6+ aka tip. 3.6 had some
cosmetic errors, but no substantiative errors visible in the tests.
4fb559b7a3c8 — Mathieu Clabaut 8 years ago
Fix issue #52 on the selinc/guestrepo repository.

Also update to handle hg 3.6 and the bookmarks.readcurrent ->
readactive change.
8cd7646ab70e — Alain Leufroy 10 years ago
[state] do not change state of unmodified guest

The idea is that users can fill the ``.hgguestrepo`` with
a clever chengeid than a hex (a tag for example).

In that case, maintaining the previous changeid:

- reduces the .hgguestrepo diff
- maintains the clever changeid

(Merged by pnathan, fixed to run correctly).
adding record of tested hg versions and fixes up
34c213eba276 — sietse.brouwer 8 years ago
grsummary: test comments now mention expectation
58f5e63dbe2f — sietse.brouwer 8 years ago
grsummary: augment the test with a guest 'gr-hggit'

The grsummary command's code path is slightly different for hggit
guests, so it needs to be tested on an hggit guest as well as on a
plain hg guest.