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 Hg guestrepo
-Intro goes here
+  elevator pitch
+  neat example
+  differences from subrepo
+Quick start
+  if you have no guests
+  if the guests are already there
+  if you have subrepos
+  about only using the tip of the current branch
+  commands
+Getting help
+  reporting issues
+  about the code
+  contributing fixes
+  running the test suite
 ### guestrepo vs subrepo

@@ 13,6 33,9 @@ subrepos.
 Guestrepo, contrariwise, lets you define the subrepos, and gives you a
 bunch of separate commands to update or inspect them all at once.
+Explain everything using hggrmapping + hgguestrepo; we haven't
+switched to hggrconf + hggrsnap yet, so mention that only in the
+project overview

@@ 25,24 48,23 @@ Windows:
 Clone the repo
 Add guestrepo = C:\...\... to your hgrc
+Quick start
-Quick start (no guests yet)
+### Quick start (no guests yet)
 Specify the files in `.hggrmapping` and `.hguestrepo`
 Run `hg grupdate --local`
-Quick start (the guests are already present)
+### Quick start (the guests are already present)
 Specify the guestrepos in `.hggrmapping`
 Run `hg grfreeze` to create `.hgguestrepo`
 Go through it to adjust any hashes to branch names/tags/...
-Quick start (you were using subrepo before)
+### Quick start (you were using subrepo before)
 Run `hg grconvert`