track-disk-usage: don't hammer the disk, be I/O-nice
hg unknown: list unknown files
bin/bashlog: run a bashlog script
bin/track-disk-usage: append, don't overwrite
bin/clean-disk-space: remove pip cache
bin/track-disk-usage: periodically log some directory sizes to a tsv file,

so we can keep track of where our disk space is going.
bin/hidden: make sure every file is quoted.
bin/mydu: sort by size
bin/mytree: ignore multiple patterns with `tree -I 'a|b|c'`
hg: hg unknown prints names of untracked files tell pipenv to create virtualenv in project dir, not in common dir
bin/workrave-toggle: default to sleeping for 10 minutes
bin/mydu: if no args were passed, print all sizes
bin/vagrantboxes: fix typo
az2: work in progress, a wrapper like `az` but in Lua. Needs arg splicing
before I want to use it.
az: echo commands, pass extra args to command
az: 'help' lists aliases