Handle 'no input' errors on t.getkey()
Keep config items in an external file; add a parser for that file
Add notebook to checklist
Accumulated checklist changes
Add standup to checklist
Update checklist
Support toggling `debug` on and off.

This introduces an `autoupdate` function that runs after the render, forwards
temporary states as needed, and does not trigger any rerenders itself.
Assign OS, NS in a single statement, not two lines.
Make 'process inboxes' step explicit
Subsume 'check diary today' into 'check diary 5 days'
Make debug info optional
Add "statuses of projects" to checklist
Add worklog and notebook to checklist
Blank line after hashbang
Add setup.py: make installable
Separate main and run functions
Use a subwindow for fun
Hardcode my main checklist