The venerable bzexport extension, updated to offer pushing to phabricator in clear violation of its name
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bzexport: a Mercurial extension for attaching patches from a
  Mercurial repository to bugzilla from the command line.

Original author: Ted Mielczarek


1) Clone this repository somewhere on your local machine:
   hg clone
2) Edit your ~/.hgrc and add the following to enable the extension:
   bzexport = /path/to/bzexport


(Possibly obsolete note?)

bzexport attempts to be clever and borrow your Bugzilla login cookies
from your Firefox profile. This does not work on the windows binary
releases of Mercurial, as shipped with MozillaBuild, so you'll need
to add your username and password to your .hgrc as described below.
(The technical reason is that the binary Mercurial releases use
py2exe to freeze a Python install into the hg binary, which leaves
out modules that aren't used, including the sqlite3 module which
bzexport needs to read cookies.sqlite.)


bzexport options can be added in a [bzexport] section in your .hgrc.
Currently supported options are:
# Use [bugzilla] url instead.
bugzilla =
# bzapi endpoint (used only for fetching the bugzilla configuration)
api_server =
# You should really be using [bugzilla] apikey instead
password = hunter2
# Use [bugzilla] apikey instead.
username = Floppy, The Hopelessly Romantic Flying Squid

# do not make any changes
dry-run = False
# Bugzilla product. I guess this is useful if you always file against
# the same product?
product = World Destruction Kit
# Version of the product.
prodversion = 1.0
# How to submit patches. Current options are bugzilla, moz-phab.
submit-method = moz-phab
# Obsolete, unless using mq
rename-patch = True
# Update the commit message to include the bug number.
update-patch = True

## Various options for formatting patches

# Use git format.
git = True
# Include function names in source code.
showfunc = True
# Unified format.
unified = True

# URL of the Bugzilla server
bugzilla =
# Authorization to login to bugzilla.
apikey = gdxTbugRbug2bug890bugbugbugix9tFfy4z8bug
# You should really be using apikey instead
cookie = ???
# You should really be using apikey instead
firefoxprofile = Default
# Bugzilla user name. Use apikey instead.
username = Floppy, The Hopelessly Romantic Flying Squid
# Bugzilla numeric userid. Use apikey instead.
userid = 777