vimrc: Add

Disable mouse visual mode
.hgignore: Ignore emacs' eln-cache
digrc: Return any record for a query
digrc: Add

Reduce the output to just record info.
via Julia Evans :)
Roll back to default output by appending +all
.hgignore: Ignore emacs.d/SessionDesktop.el
emacs.d/init.el: Enable markdown-mode
emacs.d/init.el: Add missing close parens
emacs.d/init.el: Enable Windmove
emacs.d/init.el: Enable yaml-mode
todo: switch prompt to tilde when in homedir automatically.
emacs.d/init.el: Enable Elpher
emacs.d/init.el: Enable lua-mode
emacs.d/init.el: Enable paredit
emacs.d/init.el: shuffle
emacs.d/init.el: auto-install packages
if they're not installed already on startup.
emacs.d/init.el: Skip startup screen
Just land in the scratch buffer on startup.
emacs.d/init.el: Use atom-one-dark theme