Finds covid vaccine appointments
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Build with go build ., or just go run . it.

Set your desired Radius (in miles, int) in config.toml. Set your zip code as a string there, too. Run the program; it'll pull a list of available appointments from an online source, find available ones within a as-the-crow- flies distance from the centroid of your zip code, and print them to stdout. Included is a sample script for using to push alerts to your phone, but you can pipe the information to whatever service you want to alert you.

Output is very simple, flat JSON, which makes it easy to parse out information and produce your own alerts (e.g., the pushbullet script).


This would not work if not for standing on the shoulders of:



This is just for me, because details are ephemeral.

schema-generate vaccinespotter.schema > vaccinespotter.go