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 > - **Fixed**: for any bug fixes.
 > - **Security**: in case of vulnerabilities.
+## [v1.2.0] 2021-10-13
+### Added
+- synctodo (bash) script uses fswatch and todotxt-merge to watch a directory
+  containing a specific todotxt-format file; if any sync-conflict files appear
+  in the directory, the script merges them up (in time-order) into the watched
+  file. It then removes the sync-conflict files, leaving only the watched file.
+  All removed/modified files are copied into a backup directory.
+## [v1.1.0] 2021-10-12
+### Changed
+- When merging tasks, remove duplicate project and content tags
 ## [1.0.0] 2021-09-29

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@@ 25,6 25,23 @@ Usage
 $ todotxt-merge todo.sync-conflict-20210703-174230-73BTXZI.txt todo.txt > new-todo.txt
+Also in this repository is a bash script that will watch a directory for
+Syncthing sync-conflict files and merge them up. It uses
+[fswatch](https://emcrisostomo.github.io/fswatch/) and merges the conflict files
+in creation timestamp order, rolling every conflict file for the watched file
+into an ultimate merged file. It then moves all sync-conflict files and the
+watched file into a backup directory, and replaces the watched file with the
+merged version. To use this script, make sure fswatch is installed and todotxt-
+merge is in your path somewhere, and then run:
+$ synctodo ~/somedir/todo.txt
+Watching /home/you/somedir/todo.txt
+backups will be in /home/you/.cache/synctodo/backup_9uVuGA
+If you run it with the `-d` option, it'll print everything it does.