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+NOTE: Sashay development has been on hold for a while due to affairs of state.
+In the meantime, [go-swagger]https://github.com/casualjim/go-swagger has
+surfaced, supporting Swagger 2.0.  As it will be a while before I can get back
+to Sashay and update it for 2.0, and as Sashay's always been incomplete (w.r.t.
+access control, especially), I recommend that you review go-swagger for
+suitability if you need Swagger 2.0, rather than holding your breath for Sashay.
 Sashay is a code generator for the Go programming language. The purpose of
 Sashay is to make writing programs that interact with RESTful services easier by
 automating the generation of boilerplate code.

@@ 15,6 22,19 @@ Installation
 	go get bitbucket.org/seanerussell/sashay/cmd/sashay
+If you encounter any compile problems related to dependencies, grab
+https://github.com/tools/godep[godep] and use it to build the application.
+	go get -d -u bitbucket.org/seanerussell/sashay/cmd/sashay
+	godep go install .
+Tools like godep, gpm, and gvp greatly simplify the care and feeding of Go