More moving things around
Fixed tests to run with relocated test data
Pulled in some fixes from Ruby core
Moved and renamed files to conform to Ruby's test suite.
Updated the version for the next release
Fixes more 1.9 - related syntax
Changes ftools to FileUtils
Re-fixes ticket:115
Adds a unit test to help prevent regressions.
a8a7464847d2 — convert-repo 14 years ago
update tags
Fix for ticket #135
Fix for ticket #138
Declare which tests contain binary characters
Ruby 1.9 reports this as as an invalid multibyte char.  An apparent
copy/paste error from a client that attempted to insert 'smart' quotes.
Don't blow up on empty documents
Add a test case for sorted attributes
Making the output predictable simplifies unit tests, and doesn't cost
much given that most xml element have few attributes
Ruby 1.9 revision 14922 is more strict
Complete Ticket #134
First installment towards addressing Ticket #134