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REXML is an XML parser for Ruby, in Ruby.

Author: Sean Russell <>
Version: @ANT_VERSION@
Date: @ANT_DATE@

Short Description:
REXML is an XML 1.0 compliant, reasonably fast, non-validating XML parser.  
It has an API that is designed to be intuitive, straightforward. and terse.
REXML includes a tree model parser, a SAX2 streaming parser, and a pull 
parser.  It also includes a full XPath implementation.  All of REXML's 
parsers pass 100% of the Oasis XML non-validating tests.

Why did I write REXML?   At the time of this writing, there were already 
two XML parsers for Ruby. The first is a Ruby binding to a native XML
parser.  This is a fast parser, using proven technology. However,
it isn't very portable. The second is a native Ruby implementation, but 
I didn't like its API very much.  Neither of these provide all three
parsers, and neither provide XPath implementations.  However, I primarily 
wrote REXML so that I could have access to an API that doesn't contain
a lot of cruft, and is intuitive.

API documentation can be downloaded from the REXML home page, or can
be accessed online at
A tutorial is available in docs/tutorial.html.  Japanese translations of
the API documentation are located at

This is the third major iteration of REXML.

--- SER