Documentation; add an initial lag before typing, to help with mod-key release;
add a (useless) special key type test (useless, because the issue with special
keys is in the TypeKey() function, not any quasiauto code); update robotgo to
catch my fix merge.
robotgo upstream accepted PRs: removing replacement
Egg beater missed one.
Modifier key sequences implemented.
Moved all that card-coded mapping data into CVS
CI build manifest -- indentation-based languages suck.
CI build manifest updated to support Windows X-compiling
Expanded README
Fixes build instructions
Add `-title` operation; with a patched robotgo, gets the currently active window title.
Also fixes a build manifest error.
Refactoring to separate sequence parsing from sequence interpretation.
Update build manifest
Move uploads into subdirs
Refactored; the robotgo inclusion meant tests tried to initialize X connections,
which fails in LXC. This was fixed by making quasiauto a library and moving
main() to its own package.

Also adds the missing XOrg libraries necessary for Linux compilation to the manifest.
Local replace -> URL
Adds version and CI
Adds typing lag option; defaults to 50ms.
More parse error information; supports {{} and {}}.
Adds key sequence interpretation.
Consume (and drop) key sequence
True autotype, and only autotype