5911099800de — Sean E. Russell default tip 7 years ago
Adds 9box
Todo clean up, mainly to test pipeline again
Updates for svgo changes, and trying to get pipelines to upload files.  It isn't failing, but I don't know where the assets are going -- they don't show up in Downloads.
pipeline fix; moves unit tests to right place; fixes unit tests.
Use my fork of ajstarks/svgo while I wait for him to accept my Style() change upstream.
Uses bookmark for version
4dbd4d9d7e10 — Sean E. Russell 7 years ago
Move to bitbucket
359033ee42e3 — Sean E. Russell 7 years ago
Support multiple classes for people; some refactoring of variable names for readability; fixes styling rules to better support user-defined CSS and overrides -- in particular, fixes the "db" styling overriding "contractor".
529bb6b532fa — Sean E. Russell 7 years ago
Refactors out common code and adds filter command.
3f3012eea5ce — Sean E. Russell 7 years ago
Improvements in styling
Added tag 2.1.0 for changeset 36915a38f3c7
Adds force-include; fixes bug in text width
Add exclusion support
Better box width based on text contents.
Added tag 2.0.0 for changeset f52a0988c2fb
Added tag 2.0 for changeset 70e26d4c9a43
Adds CSS support and classes; breaking change.
Fixes height calculation; also, invisible bug mixing W & H
Fixes width calculation