Fixes Insert persistence indexing bug
Added tag v1.0.2 for changeset 33df76e12226
Added tag v1.0.2 for changeset 59c53196e75b
Added tag v1.0.1 for changeset f0d45675d014
355bb59736d4 — convert-repo 6 months ago
update tags
Fix issue #5: FindById() not working as expected

committer: Sean E. Russell <>
Catch the json.Unmarshal error, if any, and return it instead of swallowing it.
PR changes requested by @ostafen: unit tests in db_test.go, and return any errors from Marshalling.
Adds Marshal for API symmetry
Add logo
Add "Database layout" section
Add comment to StorageEngine
Add comment to function NewDocumentOf
Rename collection.go to criteria.go
Fix problem with receiver consistency
Add TestErrCollectionNotExist
Propagate error returned by IterateDocs
Use RLock() in IterateDocs. Check consumer function err