Utility for keeping remind(ers) in updated from a director of icals, as used by khal and synced with vdirsyncer
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A small utility script to keep a remind DB updated from a calendar directory.

This is a one-way, incomplete sync. Reminders are not deleted, and created reminders do not create ical entries.

The reason for this tool is as part of a toolchain using vdirsyncer and khal. vdirsyncer keeps a local directory in sync with a remote WebDAV server; khal is used as the calendaring app. However, khal has no provision for alerts; this tool bridges that gap by creating reminders from the ics.

Most of the heavy lifting is done by other tools; dependencies include:

  1. bar, for big imports
  2. ical2rem, which does the actual ical -> reminder conversion
  3. fswatch, responsible for noticing when new calendar entries are added
  4. remind (indirect), which is what ical2rem creates events for

So, really all this script does is glue it all together. Oh, if you want to be actually alerted, you'll have to wire that up to remind, too, however you're going to do it.