Tool to manage ICS email invites
Add function to process several records at once
Add check for already invited
Unit tests and some consequent fixes


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In OSS, it appears nobody wants to be responsible for sending email invitations. icsinvite does this for you.


icsinvite is designed to watch a calendar collection and send invites to attendees when it detects changes.

  • The collection can be either a directory full of calendar events or a WebDAV calendar
  • A database of state is maintained to provide resiliance and record invitation state
  • Email responses (accept/decline/reschedule) are understood and update the calendar
  • Can be run as a service or on-demand
  • Emails can be handled as either piped data, or file handles
  • Default behavior for reacting to changes configured in config file (email everyone, only changed, no-one) for running as server
  • Per-event reaction handling is interactive when run on-demand
  • PGP signing


  • Event changes (e.g. reacting to reschedule events)
  • Encrypted emails (must be decrypted before icsinvite)


icsmailer stands on the shoulders of:


[^1]: Over the years, I've tried 17 different flag libraries, if you include the stdlib flag. Lately, I've been using @cosiners. While I do not prefer the "parse-into-structs" model, @cosiner's library is a nice compromize between features, size (2300 LOC), and dependencies (1, another 600 LOC @cosiner utility package). @thatisuday's commando is a close second (1447 LOC, 1 utility dep), but I find it more verbose and it doesn't support 12-factor-style environment parameters.