Setting the position in Popup caused the menu to not stay open.
Update build manifest
Fix yaml formatting error. A pox on indentation-based syntax languages.
Add link to bug tracker.
lzip -> xz; xz is faster, and compresses better.
Formatting, bad build YAML
Push binaries to the artifact server.
More bad YAML formatting.
Bad YAML in build file (tabs)
Wrong file name for buildfile.
Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset 00678b4efa4a
Adds an buildfile. These never work first time out.
Tweak build file
Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset 057065f7f8b8
The gdk pixbuf implementation is broken and won't load from memory; converted to old utility format.
Added tag v1.0.0 for changeset e528891a8c99
Icon wasn't embedded