Updates changelog (posthumously) for v1.1.3
Added missing screenshot for README
Sorting now excludes common units, more special characters, and UTF fractions.
Added tag v1.1.2 for changeset 07d2cf05546c
Export collection names
Relocated source for NotFound
Cleaning linting.
Having to keep the FyneApp.toml in sync with the tags is a real bummer.
Screenshots were waaaaay too big. Shrinkified.
Changed screenshots.
Update the screencaps
Fixes purging; removes version info (which wasn't being included in Android builds).
Forgot an image asset
CHANGELOG timestamp
Weave Fyne storage into the Fyne interface and DB more; this version works on mobile now.
Let user delete checked items. Change DB storage path (RootURI). Some bad code (not bugs, but sloppy) fixes for paths.
Listener takes errors for async issues
Tests run, back up to 49%
Adds fynedb; checkpoint. Not integrated into gui yet, not completely tested