Fixed another sync issue, when milestone is empty
Added tag 2010.2 for changeset 095ac356c095
Added tag 2010.1 for changeset dd37f2831e18
Fixes release syncing issue; adds better error checking.

* Ticket matching is more robust
* Don't sync the sync comments
* Better error handling in pair()
Fixes the ticket status problem.  Syncs the tickets again.
Removed a debugging thing.  Fixes last trac sync for the project.
Bi-directional syncing of comments and state

== 2010.1 / 2010-01-30
* bugfix: Syncing is inefficient
* bugfix: Extract milestone and component creation
* bugfix: Filter out empty comments when updating Trac
* bugfix: Find a way to stop circular syncs
* bugfix: Add per-project configuration
* Add support for components
* Add debug mode
* Add ability to change title
Fixes 8a82d (ticket #13), circular dependencies.

There is no good solution that doesn't ultimately involve merging the history
manually.  Even with time stamps, there could be conflicts. So, comments
are preserved in both Trac and ditz, and history is preserved on the ditz side.
Unless we get the ability to write log comments directly in Trac (as we can do
in ditz), then history can't be preserved.
Added some code comments and optimizations
Adds Trac ticket updating
Ticket creation now creates milestones and components
Ditz to Trac now works (ticket creation, not updates)
Closes 7999b, support for components
Initial issue population
Adds support for saving Trac ID, for more accurate syncing
Initial version.\nSupports Trac -> Ditz syncing