mention redirection fix for this release
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M ChangeLog
M src/IO/about.c
M ChangeLog +2 -1
@@ 11,7 11,8 @@ dillo- [not released yet]
 +- Avoid a corner case segfault when no search URL is found in dillorc.
    Patch: Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 +- Fix linking problem with fltk-1.3.3 and fl_oldfocus.
-   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid
+ - Don't follow redirections or meta refresh in --local mode.
+   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 +- Don't load background images in --local mode.
  - Make sure window is resizable with fltk-1.3.3.
    Patches: Johannes Hofmann

M src/IO/about.c +2 -1
@@ 242,7 242,8 @@ const char *const AboutSplash=
 "<li> for linking with the recently-released fltk-1.3.3\n"
 " (we don't use <tt>fl_oldfocus</tt> anymore).\n"
 "<li> to make sure that windows are resizable with fltk-1.3.3.\n"
-"<li> not to load background images in <tt>--local</tt> mode (security).\n"
+"<li> not to load background images, or follow redirections or meta refresh,\n"
+"     in <tt>--local</tt> mode (security).\n"
 "<li> to permit linking on OS X (remove our <tt>Fl_Printer</tt> stub).\n"
 "<li> for a crash when searching from the address bar and no search urls are\n"
 "     found in dillorc.\n"