774ca641e41d — Jorge Arellano Cid release-3_0 12 years ago
Last changes before dillo-3.0 release (rc3)
3 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

M ChangeLog
M configure.in
M src/IO/about.c
M ChangeLog +1 -1
@@ 2,7 2,7 @@ 
 Dillo project
-dillo-3.0 [September ??, 2011]
+dillo-3.0 [September 06, 2011]
 +- Ported Dillo to FLTK-1.3.
    Patch: corvid, Johannes Hofmann, Jorge Arellano Cid

M configure.in +1 -1
@@ 1,6 1,6 @@ 
 dnl Process this file with aclocal, autoconf and automake.
-AC_INIT([dillo], [3.0-pre])
+AC_INIT([dillo], [3.0])
 dnl Detect the canonical target build environment

M src/IO/about.c +10 -5
@@ 117,6 117,10 @@ const char *const AboutSplash=
 "    <tr>\n"
 "    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"
 "    <td>\n"
+"     <a href='http://slashdot.org/'>Slashdot</a>\n"
+"    <tr>\n"
+"    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"
+"    <td>\n"
 "     <a href='http://www.linux.org.uk/Portaloo.cs'>Linux.org.uk</a>\n"
 "    <tr>\n"
 "    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"

@@ 235,7 239,7 @@ const char *const AboutSplash=
 " <td bgcolor='#CCCCCC'>\n"
 "  <h4>Release overview</h4>\n"
-"  August ??, 2011\n"
+"  September 06, 2011\n"
 " <td bgcolor='#FFFFFF'>\n"
 "  <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='5'>\n"

@@ 281,22 285,20 @@ const char *const AboutSplash=
 "<li>Default binding for close-all changed from Alt-q to Ctrl-q.\n"
 "<li>Default binding for close-tab changed from Ctrl-q to Ctrl-w.\n"
 "<li>Default binding for left-tab changed to Shift-Ctrl-Tab.\n"
+"<li>Rewrote the User Interface: much simpler design and event handling.\n"
+"<li>Added on-the-fly panel resize (tiny/small/medium and normal/small icons).\n"
 "<li>'hide-panels' key action now hides the findbar if present,\n"
 "     and toggles display of the control panels otherwise.\n"
 "<li>Allow multiple search engines to be set in dillorc, with a menu\n"
 "    in the web search dialog to select between them.\n"
 "<li>Added an optional label to dillorc's search_url.\n"
 "    Format: \"[&lt;label&gt; ]&lt;url&gt;\"\n"
-"<li>Removed 'large' option of panel_size preference.\n"
 "<li>Add right_click_closes_tab preference (default is middle click).\n"
 "<li>Allow binding to non-ASCII keys and multimedia keys.\n"
-"<li>Removed --enable-ansi configure option.\n"
 "<li>Avoid a certificate dialog storm on some HTTPS sites (BUG#868).\n"
 "<li>Enable line wrapping for &lt;textarea&gt;. (BUG#903)\n"
-"<li>Rewrote the User Interface: much simpler design and event handling.\n"
 "<li>Avoid double render after going Back or Forward\n"
 "    (it takes half the time now!)\n"
-"<li>Added on-the-fly panel resize (tiny/small/medium and normal/small icons).\n"
 "<li>Implemented a custom tabs handler (to allow fine control of it).\n"
 "<li>Rewrote dw's crossing-events dispatcher (avoids redundant events).\n"
 "<li>Fixed a years old bug: stamped tooltips when scrolling with keyboard.\n"

@@ 304,9 306,12 @@ const char *const AboutSplash=
 "     (BUG#948)\n"
 "<li>Cancel the expected URL after offering a download (BUG#982)\n"
 "<li>Eliminated a pack of 22 compiler warnings (gcc-4.6.1 amd64)\n"
+"<li>Removed 'large' option of panel_size preference.\n"
+"<li>Removed --enable-ansi configure option.\n"
 "<li>Limit saved cookie size.\n"
 "<li>Wrap image alt text.\n"
 "<li>Added support for CSS adjacent sibling selectors.\n"
+"<li>Fix redraw loops and reenabled limit_text_width dillorc option.\n"
 "<li>Collapse parent's and first child's top margin.\n"
 "  </table>\n"