Fixed hide_search=true for surfaces that don't use percent sizing
The hide_search config option now behaves correctly. It does exactly the same thing as key_hide_search but on launch. This now also allows you to un-hide the search with key_hide_search if wofi is launched with hide_search=true
Fixed #216 arrow key issue. This was caused by the fix to #184. Both issues should now be resolved
Fixed segfault when cache is broken #213
Added tag v1.4.1 for changeset 1e89e8a94806
Changed the function signature of config_get_mnemonic(). This new signature uses the correct types so that the default argument promotions caused by varargs is in spec.
Updated .build.yml
Added wofi_exit(). This allows correct handling of custom exit status codes on non-glibc systems. This function should always be used for exiting wofi as libc exit() will no longer correctly handle error situations.
Added tag v1.4 for changeset eab2b31e8055
Added documentation for key_custom_n
Fixed bug reported in
Fixed malloc for pre_display_exec
Forgot to cleanup zombie processes
Fixed closing the file handle when pre_display_exec=true
Added pre_display_exec which allows pre_display_cmd to be directly executed with fork/exec instead of through the shell
Fixed segfault when running non shell safe inputs with --pre-display-cmd and --allow-images
Ex. echo '"' | wofi --dmenu --pre-display-cmd "echo %s" --allow-images
Added the drun-print_desktop_file option
Fixed weird tabbing behavior