Added wofi_widget_builder_insert_text_with_list() and wofi_widget_builder_insert_image_with_list()
b8c3636301f8 — Scoopta 4 days ago
Added a null check to the pixbuf for drun image loading to clean up runtime GTK warnings
a902a6f25125 — Scoopta 5 days ago
Fixed indentation in match.c
78bf6e13ae5e — "Michael Hauser-Raspe" 6 days ago
Fix insensitive mode.
a20f8ac60417 — "Michael Hauser-Raspe" 6 days ago
Stylistic improvements.
c92fb6be5cd3 — "Michael Hauser-Raspe" 8 days ago
Extract text matching to it's own file.
5a59973ec138 — "Michael Hauser-Raspe" 9 days ago
Create fuzzy scoring and fuzzy sort.
08c6a575e8ca — "Michael Hauser-Raspe" 18 days ago
Add fuzzy filtering.
Added multi-contains to the list of matching algorithms in the man pages
6ad61d49a2cc — "Michael Hauser-Raspe" 27 days ago
Implement multi-contains matching algorithm.

This allows a new matching method that will be the equivalent
of contains on every word (delimited by space) that is given.
This is the same matching algorithm used by helm in emacs and
allows a way of iteratively refining your search.
Properly setup wayland protocol versioning
Added foot to the default terminal list
The GDesktopAppInfo is now properly cast to a GAppInfo
drun: switch to g_app_info_should_show() for filtering

This function respects OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn to filter out apps that
are not applicable to the current desktop environment. It also does
additional sanity checks on .desktop files, providing the same effect as
the boolean expression it replaced.
The check argument is now set when calling run_command in
The help output for --show now mentions that a list of modes can be found in wofi(7)
Replaced the buymeacoffee link with
Fixed the write error check printing under the wrong circumstances
explicit null checks are cool
fixed segfalt for drun, but drun still doesn't run pre-display-cmd