This project is not being actively maintained. I currently do not have the time nor energy to continue working on it
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Make sure that the first calculation of percent size is done when the window is visible
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Wofi is a launcher/menu program for wlroots based wayland compositors such as sway status




hg clone
cd wofi
meson setup build
ninja -C build


sudo ninja -C build install


sudo ninja -C build uninstall

#Bug Reports

Please file bug reports at


Please submit patches to

You can find documentation here

#drun and dbus

Some desktop files declare themselves as being launched by dbus, if this is the case wofi can experience issues on systems where a user session bus is not automatically started such as systems using elogind.

To manually launch a user session bus run the following:

dbus-daemon --session --address=unix:path=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus


Packaging status


The official documentation is provided by the man pages in this repository, sample styling can be found here


If you feel like supporting development you can donate at


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