Removed comments about wayland and dmabuf quirks from the README as stable releases of OBS now have all required features
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@@ 3,13 3,6 @@ wlrobs is an obs-studio plugin that allo
 [![ status](](
-This plugin only records wayland desktops, it does not make OBS run wayland native. If you're not using a version of OBS with an EGL backend you need to set `QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb` or else OBS does not work.
-## dmabuf backend
-Please note that in order to use the dmabuf backend you have to update to OBS master commit 705a47b0e439f649af8a81d0a68d03f3b83ea314 or later
-As of wlrobs 5f1c794e4614 the dmabuf backend will not work on older OBS EGL forks which do not support `gs_texture_create_from_dmabuf()`
 ## Dependencies